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QR Codes in Marketing

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 21:08 Written by 
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QR Codes are a new way to get more return on your investment in print advertising for your business. Now the days of not being able to fit all the copy you want in a print ad are gone, and now replaced with a box that the consumer can scan on their smart phone to open numerous marketing possibilities.

These codes were created in the mid 1990's as a 2-D bar-code that would track the progression and positioning of consumer products during the travel from the manufacturer to the seller. Once the product was received at the seller's location, the manufacture could look at the travel data of that product due to the scanning of the codes at checkpoints which would allow them to improve on creating efficient travel routes to lower delivery costs.

Now QR Codes are used in mass media to enrich the consumers experience. These codes can now be linked to phone numbers, email addresses, websites, videos and more when scanned. Many businesses are using these codes in their print advertising for two reasons.

The first reason is to provide the consumer a new experience when reading a print ad by having them scan the QR Code that could lead them to win a prize, view exclusive content, receive special coupons. These codes have been placed on billboard signs, business cards, clothing, point of sale displays, print ads and many other advertising mediums. Providing a great consumer experience is key for any successful business. Now they can interact beyond the print ad with their consumers and provide them with a unique experience.

The second reason is that QR Codes can be tracked by using analytical platforms for businesses to see how many consumers are scanning them, what device they are using to scan them, and where in the world their consumers are scanning them. This data now allows businesses to track their return on investment (R.O.I) on print advertising.

Many consumers are becoming aware of these codes in print ads which has been gaining popularity within the past year. Plus now most mobile devices offer the ability to scan and process the codes with numerous QR Codes scanning apps in the Apple and Android stores. Increase your consumer's experience with your business today and add QR Codes to your advertising.

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Corey Szepan

Corey has been designing for higher education and small businesses for 10 years. He is the founder of Studio Zeep LLC, which is a NH based marketing business that focuses on bringing back quality design and development to the client.