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printSince the boom of the web and now the personal tablet, money spent on print advertising has been decreasing. The reason for this is business owners feel that print is a dying medium to reach their customers. The truth is the print advertising is still very alive and is still the best way to reach your customer with a tangible piece that they can hold, feel and read. The best way to make print advertising work for your business is to have custom made pieces that will "wow" your consumer. We will work with you on creating these breath taking ads that your customers will remember for years to come.


Print Services offered:

(Please note that Studio Zeep can offer products through a third party vendor for you if you do not already have a product previously purchased in need for design services.)

Sale Flyer Design
(numerous size and quantity options available)
Point of Sale Displays
(increase your in-store sales with P.O.S. displays)
Brochure/Catalog Design
(provide information about your business and the products you offer)
Office Branding Design
(business cards, letterheads, envelopes, gift certificates)
Print Advertising Design
(newspaper ads, magazine ads)
Vinyl Banners
(perfect for portable signage)

Don't see a service you would like designed with listed above? Then include that in your quote and we will let you know if it is something we can tackle for you.

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